Camper and motorhome BOOM


Well you don’t need me to tell you about how crazy 2020 was, BUT some good may have come with it. We have seemed to opened our eyes as to what is around us and we have seen a huge increase of stay cations.


Appreciating the beauty spots on your door stop has been the only option for 1000’s of people this year. Amazingly this has led to people discovering and exploring trails, parks, walks, forests and even beaches they had never been too.


I don’t know about you but during the first lockdown where we could only exercise within a certain radius, we discovered some fantastic walks that we never even heard of. The beauty of this, is that you find a new appreciation for your surroundings. Also slightly embarrassing that we had no idea about some of these woodland walks.


There was a huge boom in campervans and motorhomes sales in 2020. Taking a 45 minute trip down the road has become a staple in the new staycation trend, with the uncertainty of foreign travel, brits have been looking at vacations closer to home.




The prices of campers and motorhomes have sky rocketed, majority of people are not willing to invest into a vehicle that could potentially sit on your driveway for 6 months of the year.




Here at Campervan escapes we have some gorgeous campers and motorhomes available to hire this year with fantastic rates.


Take a look at our Camper and Motorhome pages for more information.


To give you some ideas and inspiration we will be posting a staycation blog every week about a different area of Wales with lots of information about places to stay, eat and activities.